Stuck in 😒 bad mood


Do you ever have days when you feel like you are stuck in a bad mood?!

You really don’t want to be that person, but you just CANNOT help it! Bad moods just keep creeping up on you, and you eventually just accept it and rage.

It really sucks for those people who try to work on themselves to be better each day. We get up early, do our morning routine, do some yoga and meditation, add some freshly squeezed celery juice (supposed to be good for you) and take a cold shower, pray and workout, say our affirmations, and listen to Tony Robbins…. All that to put ourselves in a positive state of mind! And then we come to work, or go run errands or whatever. We start interacting with people, and we realize that all our morning efforts went down the drain. We just can’t stand to be around anyone, or do anything that we have to, so finally, we declare:“As soon as I get home, I am opening my favorite bottle of 🍷! I’m done for today!”

For us women, it also doesn’t help when we are totally PMSing. What happens to all that positive thinking 🤔? What happens to our: “You can be better than this!” BS? Can we even snap out of that state whenever we want to, or should we just let it overwhelm us?

Well…. This is exactly what happened to me today! I have been getting in a habit of getting up super early, having a glass of water while sitting on the 🚽, then praying (when I get off the toilet), then grabbing a glass of fresh glass of celery juice, sitting down for a 10 minute yoga stretch, or doing a 10- minute ab workout (even though I need a lot more than 10 minutes! Lol!) then saying hi to all the plants in my garden, then doing a 10-minute tapping meditation, and finally jumping in a cold shower for a few minutes. All that…. before I get ready for work! Wow! I just realized how much I actually try to do just to put myself in the right state of mind, so that I can be my best at work, and continue being my best at home with my family. Today, it didn’twork, and I was so disappointed with myself that I couldn’t hold myself together. So, I decided to sit down and write my first blog about it!

By the way, I went to the store, and they didn’t have my wine!!! What does a woman do without her wine? Express yourself! What do you like to do that’s creative and authentic to you? Is it writing in your journal about your day? Is it sharing your day with your friends, family, or a specific audience? Is it writing poetry or a song? Playing a guitar or a piano? Is it dancing? Or is it drawing or painting?

I really got into diamond art for a while at some point, and it was so mind calming and meditative! Whatever it is, find just a little bit of motivation in yourself after a bad day, and get to work, lady! Once you start and get momentum, your mind will relax, and you will be in a better mood. And if you have that glass of wine that you love, just go ahead and sip on it while you are being creative… You might discover some ideas that you never even thought of before, because wine is freaking awesome like that!

What are creative ways to get you to feel better after a bad day? What creative activity do you think you can try?


Author of Rocky Road to Recovery self-help memoir. Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.


  1. yes! 🙌🏼 i think we all feel this, more than we’d like to admit. good advice! sometimes those bad moods make you not want to do anything! but we need to remind ourselves to do something relaxing that we enjoy!

    1. Ashley, thank you for commenting. What are some creative ways that help you make a transition from bad mood to positive outlook?:)

  2. It’s great when you find something you are passionate about and can use that to work thru your bad mood. Fresh air and movement help me, a walk on the beach to hear the calming sound of the ocean and inhale the salt air, other times a quick bike ride or just let go put on your favorite music and DANCE like a maniac!!!!The main thing to remember is we all have triggers for being in a bad mood, Sometimes we know immediately why and then sometimes it takes a moment to truly understand the moodiness. Give in and then let go!!

    1. I love how you said Give In and Let it Go! I do agree that it’s important to acknowledge how we feel, and let ourselves to actually feel the feelings, instead of shoving them down even deeper into our souls. This lets us get past that and move on to something more positive and productive. It’s also great to have someone we trust who can listen to us and help share in our emotions, as long as it’s not a constant occurrence.

      I personally have a tendency to try to bury my feelings and tell myself not to be such Miss Negativity, and that I can do better than that. Doing this though makes it all come out, at some point, and usually is directed towards my husband. That’s the real challenge-feeling the feelings but not “spraying” them on everyone around us, so that everyone else doesn’t get into negativity.
      Also, dancing like a “maniac” sounds like a great idea! We gotta have fun some time:), don’t we?!..

  3. Let’s not forget how if anyone (my husband)…points out my bad mood… it makes me even MORE cranky. Then I feel bad later when I realize how cranky or moody I was actually being. Oops. I have noticed myself using the words “This is good because _____” anytime I have something happen that makes me upset, or automatically puts me in a bad mood. It has helped a lot with mental clarity if I get moody or down about anything. Highly recommend trying it!

      1. It falls in line with “Everything happens for a reason”. Basically anything that seemed “bad” or “ruined your day”, and turning it into a positive reason. For example.. a family tried to close on a house and things don’t work out. Instead of being upset think of “This is good because___”(then list the reasons); there is a better house out there, the house was a little out of budget, the kitchen wasn’t updated, etc. You can do it with any situation really by just looking for a positive outcome. A smaller example could be forgetting to grab something while going grocery shopping, and having to go back to the store. “This is good because____”; I got my extra steps in, I saw an old friend while shopping, I got more time out of the house by myself, etc. Just refocusing your mind to a positive state no matter what happens during the day.

      2. That’s a great way of looking at it! I do that a lot actually, and a lot of times it works, but once in a while, it just seems like nothing helps and that bad moodedness sits deep right in your chest, and you can’t get rid of it until you either let it out and let it go, or do something that usually brings you joy to refocus your mind completely. Sometimes grabbing a bottle of wine and going over to your friend’s house to “wine and wine” is just the best option☺️… but only once in a while

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