Did you always know what you would be doing for work when growing up? Did your parents ”tell” you what you would be when you grow up? Did you go along with what your friends suggested you should be doing? Or are you like me, never really knew what your calling and purpose were?

For many years I have been searching for the work I would enjoy doing, that would also let me make enough money to pay bills and have a decent life. I tried quite a few things. At one point I thought that studying to be a Mortgage Loan Originator would be a good idea. A couple of times I got into Network Marketing and tried sales. A couple of years ago, I got into Integrative Nutrition School to become a Health Coach. Then I decided to get a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I feel like I have been studying and studying, but none of that kept me interested and motivated long enough to keep going.

My dilemma was always, “Why do I always start something, but never go till the end? Why do I always get excited easily, but then quickly lose interest?” Does that sound familiar? I was always kind of envious of people who loved their jobs and always strived to grow in their careers. I certainly feel that doing what you love is of utmost importance. Why? We spend most of our days at work. We spend most of our energy at our jobs. If we don’t enjoy what we do, we are literally wasting our lives away. Don’t you agree? If we love what we do and we come home exhausted, at least we feel huge satisfaction. We feel pleasantly tired. We are content and excited to wake up the next day, go to work, and learn and grow.

For the longest time I would beat myself up for being so inconsistent and ”shallow.” I felt like I wasted all that time and money on all those courses and schooling. Recently I watched a motivational video where the speaker made a point that it is better to try different things and learn what is not really you, rather than try nothing and save all your money up, and work just any job to get by, without ever finding out what it is that excites and drives you the most. Hearing this gave me so much relief and an instant boost of confidence that none of my schooling was a waste of time or even money. One of the best points the speaker made was that during those experiences you can meet amazing people, learn various skills, and grow confidence! Does that sound like a waste of time? Not to me. I met many great personalities, travelled to interesting places, attended exciting seminars and conferences, and heard famous speakers. I definitely learned a lot and have a much broader view of the world around me.

Even though I haven’t stuck with anything I have started so far, I believe that I’m finally figuring out what I want to be doing! This time around, I’ll persevere reaching my career goals. I know there are going to be days when I will feel unmotivated and not wanting to keep going, but reminding myself WHY it’s important for me to keep on keeping on will help when I feel stuck. I’m connecting with mentors and coaches, and like-minded people who can provide support along the way.

My personal advice is to try something that you always liked doing when you were a kid, or just something that you liked doing or talk about with your friends on a regular basis, or it can be anything that grabs your interest at the moment. Read a book on the subject, take an online course, find a Facebook group, or connect with someone you know who has similar interests. You never know what’s in store for you. God is good. He knows what we need. If we ask Him for help and take necessary steps towards something that wakes up our heart, He will send the right people and put you in the right situations where you will grow and flourish! Isn’t that a life worth living?

Share your thoughts. What is it that you always wanted to do but never acted upon? Do you think you will regret not doing what you love? If you were at the end of your life and someone asked you what your regrets are, would not working your dream job be one of them? Reignite your passion and start living instead of merely existing!


Author of Rocky Road to Recovery self-help memoir. Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.


  1. I totally agree with this blog. I think it’s good to try different things until we find out what we enjoy doing. It’s totally worth it to make a career out of something we love. Sometimes it takes a while for God to open certain doors at the right time.

  2. This is 100000% me. I wish I knew what my “calling” was. I always thought the sky is the limit, too bad I don’t know which way is up.

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