See a Therapist or Pray?

Do you feel like there is an internal issue that you can’t resolve on your own? Is it something from your past that is still affecting you? Relationship issue? Do you know why you are feeling down? Or maybe you have absolutely no idea why you are feeling and acting in a way that doesn’t feel right? How do you figure this out? Can you just pray about it and wait till God helps you resolve the issue, or is it time to see a therapist? 


If you are like me, I always thought that only crazy people go to therapists. But what is the definition of crazy? For different people it has different meaning. I am starting to learn that, first, most people have some issues that they carry with them, and second, therapists can be of big help because they are trained professionals; they devote their lifetimes to study how human minds work. We, ourselves, don’t know everything and can use help sometimes figuring out what’s really going on. 


I am dealing with some issues from the past that started leaking into my relationship with my husband. Since I value my marriage very much, my husband should not be responsible for my past. It’s in my hands to figure this out. I decided to be honest with him and opened up about how I was feeling about certain things. I told him I am considering talking to a therapist; putting my pride down and asking for help. I also talked to my priest when I went for a confession last time. He also agreed that talking about things that bother me with a trained professional could be a good things for me. 


As for praying about our issues, that is the definite yes. Prayer and professional help can totally co-exist. It’s best to find a Christian therapist if your faith is important to you, but it’s not an absolute must; we can still learn something. Also, just like with priests, If you are not comfortable with your therapist, it’s ok to look for someone else; someone you can connect with and you feel is empathetic with you. 


I was surprised to see how many of my friends and even family actually went to see therapists. Even if it didn’t help them resolve everything, it sounded like they at least learned something that made a difference. Small steps are still steps. Complicated issues cannot be resolved in one day. It’s ok to be humble and look for help. And maybe it’s better to start when you first notice imbalance inside, instead of waiting till you can’t go like that any longer. 


What is your experience with therapy? Have you ever thought of seeing a therapist but never went, or you have been going to one and think that it is very helpful? When do you think a person should consider therapy?


Author of Rocky Road to Recovery self-help memoir. Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

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