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Ksenia K.

After many years of dysfunction, hurt, and struggle, Ksenia K. decided to stop the generational cycle of chaos and become completely physically sober, in addition to seeking emotional sobriety and health. Her newly found mission is to inspire mothers and fathers alike to look back to their family histories, recognize, acknowledge, and face anything that might negatively affect their own children and work on putting a stop to it, so that the future generations can grow up mentally and emotionally healthier and have happy and fulfilling lives.

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7 Proven ways to Identify, Avoid, and Overcome Triggers

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Do you ever feel like certain people, places and situations put you in a bad mood? Make you anxious? Angry? Depressed? Craving to drink, smoke, eat bad food etc.? In this mini-course I will teach you 7 Proven Ways to Identify, Avoid and Overcome Triggers that I personally tested and practice to this day. The course is short and super simple, but following the strategies that I outlined for you will help you become more aware of your emotional triggers. That, in turn, will help you become stronger and healthier emotionally. Emotional health will positively affect all other areas of your life, including your physical health and relationships.

How to Overcome Life’s Biggest Challenges: 8 Steps to Recovery and Self-Discovery Course (with Workbook).

If you are tired of feelings stuck and discontent with your present, it’s time to face and make sense of your past, start living in the moment that matters, and create and implement a plan for the bright future that your heart desires.

How to Become an Unstuck Mama: The Godly Roadmap to Quitting Drinking, Living a Life of Purpose and Being the Role Model for your Kids (Full 12-Week Coaching Course).

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